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Claimed: Dark Breed of the Lycans
Dark Immortal Flames Series Book 1
Genre: Paranormal Romance
by LaSasha Flame
Narrated by Alexandra Cohler & Dylan White

Rike And Amelia’s Story Is No Accident! 
Their Dance Of Love, Hate, And Lust Is A Trigger To The Apocalypse.

Rike West

Everyone Fears Me.
But I Don’t Mind It. There Is Power In Fear.
I Earned Every Drop.
Every Quiver.
Every Scream.
Problem Is…
That Same Fear Is Standing In The Way Of Me Taking What Belongs To Me.
I Thought Claire Was The Answer To My Problems
So I Married Her.
Then The Gods Laughed And My True Mate Amelia Showed Up
After I Already Said I Do.
And Because Fate Is Cruel To Monsters Of The Worlds
And The Villains Never Win…
My One Chance At Love Hates My Guts.
But That’s Okay…
Because I Don’t Need Love
I Need An Heir
And She Will Be My Queen And Birth My Children
Whether She Likes It Not.
I Am Not The Prince In This Fairytale
I Am Rike West
And She Will Learn Why They Call Me The Dark King


Amelia Torrin

Future Queen Of The Dark Moon Empire?
Ha… I Think Not!
Yeah He Might Be My Mate But He Is Going To Learn Real Fast…
I Am Nobody’s Prisoner.
I Will Kill Him Before I Ever Agree To Birth His Unholy Offspring.
I Am Amelia Torrin
Do Not Underestimate Me.

The End Is Near!
Discover A Scorching New World Of Immortals In Lasasha Flame’s Dark Immortal Flames Series! Each Book Is Popping The Lock On Lucifer's Cage In This 13 Book Series.

If You Enjoy Characters Of Color, Paranormal And Fantasy Romances With Werewolves And Lycans, Alpha Men, Strong Female Characters, Secret Babies, Forbidden Love, Bad Boys With A Soft Spot, Vulgar Language, Hot Scenes, And Enemies To Lovers Claimed Is The Book For You! Can Be Read As A Standalone But Better In The Series.

If You Enjoy Paranormal And Fantasy Dark Romances With Werewolves And Lycans, Alpha Men, Strong Female Characters, Explicit Language, Hot Scenes, Enemies To Lovers, Jinn, Friends To Lovers, Gods With Dark Pasts, Dark Faeries, Magic, Dragons, Vengeance Spirits, Fae Kings, Dangerous Nightmares, Halflings, Star-crossed Lovers, Daemon Lovers, Surprise Babies, Second Chance At Love, Tiger Shifters, Immortal Royalty, Arranged Marriages, Throuple Triangles, Angels, Battles Between Angels And Demons, Forbidden Love, New Worlds, Fated Mates, And A Love With Apocalyptic Consequences!
This Is The Series For You!

Help Me To Release The Devil And Burn It All Down. All You Have To Do Is Read The Book ;-)

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About the Series
This Series Is Set To Be Released In 2020 & 2021 Starting With Claimed: Dark Breeds Of The Lycans!
The End Is Near! Each Book Is Popping The Lock On Lucifer's Cage In This 13 Book Series!
In Each Of The “Immortal Dark Series” Books, A Prophecy Is Being Fulfilled. With Each Fulfillment, Another Seal Breaks On Lucifer’s Cage And Moves Gaia, The Realm Of Earth, Closer To The Apocalypse. Once Freed Lucifer Will Destroy The Entire Earth Because It Is The Home Of Mankind, One Of God’s Favorite Creations.
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My Name Is LaSasha Flame. I Am A Young Author From Chicago, Hoping To Bring Some New Heat And Sizzle To The Romance Genre.

My Favorite Genres Are Paranormal And Dark Romance. I Love Reading A Good Book But I'm So Busy In Life That I Only Gets To Enjoy Audiobooks. It’s The Only Way I Can Get Lost In A Good Book Nowadays. And You Know What? I Half Prefer An Audiobook Over Print Any Day! I Have A Long Standing Membership At Audible And I Plan To Publish Audio Books For Busy Bookworms Like Myself! Yay!

My Love Of Writing Started When A Friend Of Mine Encouraged Me To Write A Short Story And Just See What Happens. Turns Out I Had A Knack For Writing Because Everyone Loved My Short Stories. From Then On I’ve Worked On Improving My Craft. Growing From Flash Fiction To Novels.

I Would Like To Introduce The Series I Have Been Working On. I Am Basically Writing Thirteen Books At Once. Claimed Is The First Installment Of My Dark Immortal Flames Series!

And Not Only Do I Have The Main Series In The Works But I Will Be Releasing Mini A Series And Several Short Stories That Take Place Within The Same Multiverse Of The Main Dark Immortal Flames Series.

Behind The Veil In The Torrid Tales Collection Is One Of Them!
Birth Of The Sand Viper: Origins Of Jafar Is Another!
And Captive Of A Dark Prince Is Another!

I Am Really Looking Forward To Sharing Some Of The Twisty Goodness I Have Planned!

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$10 Amazon – 1 winner, 
Audiobook of Captive of a Dark Prince – 5 winners! 

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