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The Murder of Crows - Book Tour and Giveaway


 "We're definitely not good, but we ain't all bad, either"  

The Murder of Crows

Crooked Halos Book 3

by KC Bear

Genre: Erotic Romance

Eight years ago, he promised he'd be back for me. He promised he'd take care of me. But he lied. And I was left to pick up my own shattered pieces.
Then, all of a sudden, he was back. I hated that he looked so good, that his endless and insistent need to fix me made it harder to hate him. No, somewhere in there, while we made a family all our own and he showed off his Daddy colors, my innocent childhood crush on him turned into love.

I told her I'd be back for her. It took me eight years, and when I did find her again, she was pissed at me. She had every right to be, sure, but nothing she said or did would keep me away or run me off again. I had lots of hurts to apologize for and issues to help heal.
So, I vowed to heal her. With laughter, forgiveness, trust, a new family --- and orgasms. What I hadn't planned on doing was falling in love with her.

The Murder of Crows is a novel of about 70K words. It is the continuation, and conclusion, of Mercy and Jensen's story from Merry Christmas, Soldier (but can be read as a standalone). There are triggers, listed in the front of the book, or you may contact the author. It's not intended for anyone younger than 18 years of age. It ends with a Happily Ever After.

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Happy Valentine’s, Biker

Crooked Halos Book 2

 He's a maverick, rough and ready.
She's sweet, scared and desperate with an underlying fire.
When they meet, is it one night?
Or is she his light?

I had one job, and I did it. Kick ass and take names, just like always. I was beyond exhausted, ready to fall into bed and call it a night. Then, I saw her.

Every bit of darkness within me wanted her, and not even the abuse she'd been through that night with her scumbag boyfriend would stop me from getting her.

I'd found my prey, my Sunshine, and nothing would stop me from claiming what was mine.
Not even her.

Happy Valentine's, Biker is a prequel novella under 15K words and is book 1.5 in the Crooked Halos series. It's not intended for readers under 18 years of age or with certain triggers (see author for details).

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Merry Christmas, Soldier

Crooked Halos Book 1

 Merry Christmas, Soldier is an 11K novella written in first person past tense. It is a taboo romance with an 18 year age gap between them; all characters are of legal, consenting age.

Jensen is in the military, and Mercy was born premature; if any of that might possibly be a trigger, proceed with caution.

It is a prequel, which means there's more to the story --- and yes, it ends on a cliffhanger...
There is cussing, slight kink, and sexual situations. Again, proceed with caution.
This is not intended for anyone under the age of 18.

Little bit sweet, whole lotta naughty, always HEA

KC Bear has been writing as a hobby her entire life and one day decided to give the voices in her head life of their own.

While she does only have a few little book babies out, she's got more ideas than she can count! With ideas for stories ranging from romance that blurs the line into erotica, women who love other women, supernatural romance, and everything in between, she's sure you'll find something to enjoy as soon as she gets it put out into the world!

As a proud submissive, BDSM plays heavily into her novels with darker themes of sadomasochism, unconventional relationships with menages, and cursing that could make a sailor blush; but you can be sure they're all a little bit sweet, whole lotta naughty, and always have a HEA.

When she isn't writing or creating entire worlds in her head, she spends her days in Kentucky on their 10 acres with her very own Dominant and Pandora, the spoiled cat.

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