Friday, October 12, 2018

Cryptid Trilogy Book Tour and Giveaway

Cryptid: Discovery
Cryptid Trilogy Set 1
by Douglas E. Roff and Jacob A. Roff
Genre: Horror, Thriller 

Adam St. James, software genius and savant Chief Technologist of the massive American DataLab Project, had just returned to his home in Barrows Bay, British Columbia from Tucson, Arizona. He had spent the better part of the past month working on a pro bono assignment for his father’s friend Peter Berg, Regional Director of the FBI, working out of the Seattle field office. His favor for the FBI was to secure the mother lode and Holy Grail of the FBI’s Joint Organized Crime Task Force that Berg believed he had accidentally stumbled upon. Mere fortuity had led him to what he thought was fifty years or more of Mafia financial books and records detailing organized criminality from Seattle to Miami and all points in between. 

What Adam found was nothing even remotely resembling what Regional Director Berg was looking for. It had been a small clerical error made by a temp transposing a letter or two in a last name that led Adam St. James to his incredible discovery. But this discovery was too incredible, too massive to even contemplate as being authentic. Adam himself did not believe it could be true. Would he be proven correct or was the truth too immeasurably stranger than fiction? 

If Adam had accidently stumbled upon a great discovery, it would mean that he had fortuitously confirmed the existence of the cryptid of all cryptids. Had Adam found scientific and verifiable proof of the existence of an unknown species of creatures capable of transforming to human form or was this some immense practical joke designed to annoy and embarrass him and his father, noted forensic archeologist and author, Edward St. James? 

His journey will be fantastic. His discovery, if true, immense. 

But will Adam and his eclectic family survive discovery? Will humanity? 

Cryptid: Discovery chronicles the discovery of the Gens Collective, ancient and primal beings previously unknown to humanity but living among mankind as crypto humans. 

They live among us. 

Murder, intrigue, deception, treachery, lust and betrayal all come together in the Cryptid Trilogy as mankind faces off against an unknown species bent on its total destruction as the dominant species on the planet. 

Adam continues to develop his amazing natural abilities as he seeks to understand and control them. How will this saga end?

Cryptid: Probe
Cryptid Trilogy Set 2

They live among us. 

Working with his father, renowned archeologist Edward St. James, and his new wife, Misti Alarcon, Adam St. James continues his investigation into the Gens Collective and its rival rebel faction, the Black Shirts. Both factions seek the demise of homo sapiens and have developed the means to destroy humanity in what they call the Great Cull. And they seek to destroy each other. 

As Adam continues his dialog with Paulo Fortizi, leader of the Gens Collective, he is met with deceit and duplicity at every turn. The Gens Collective desperately seeks to find Adam, who they call the Human, and recover their lost Library. 

Adam continues to develop extraordinary new mental abilities with a close group of colleagues and finds his new abilities are more powerful and frightening than he could possibly imagine. Can he control his powers or will they be his undoing? 

With the addition of the beautiful and mysterious Alana McCarthy, world renowned NSA computer hacker, and the equally mysterious and lethal Nocera “Noki” Lee, Adam confronts his adversaries uncovering the depth and breadth of the plot against humanity. Can they succeed? Only Adam holds the key to prevent unleashing total annihilation. 

The mysterious Cardinal Bellinelli plots against the Black Shirts and the Gens Collective to spark a war between the Gens and humanity he believes will eliminate the Gens species on the planet. Does the Vatican hold the answers Adam seeks? Which side will the Vatican choose and why? 

Murder, treachery and betrayal combine with unexpected twists and turns, as events pit friend against friend, family against family, and species against species. Nothing is as it appears to be, and new discoveries shed light upon old grievances. 

The Black Shirts and their charismatic leader, Saldana Ri, develop the means to destroy the rival Gens Collective and humanity, but will they unleash the devastation? Can they? What explosive secrets does Saldana hide that could destroy her leadership and shift the balance of power back to her rival, Paulo Fortizi of the Gens Collective. 
With the means of destruction of humanity complete, it’s a race against time to prevent genocide on a global scale. Can Adam stop the impending holocaust? Can anyone? 

With the fate of mankind and the Gens Nation hanging in the balance, forces array against Adam and his teams trying to prevent the conflagration that could signal the demise of intelligent life on the planet. 
New tech, new weapons and new adversaries, along with new powers never thought to exist, entertain the reader throughout the novel. New mind journeys and psychic powers begin to reveal themselves as both the savior and destructor of humanity.

Born in the United states, lived in Russia, the UK, Mexico, Costa Rica and Canada. Citizen of the US and Canada. Worked for US and Canadian governments as well as a long career in finance and trade finance. I live in Latin America between countries on and off. I am retired and now write novels full time.

I am single, have one son who was active in my first three novels, the Cryptid Trilogy. I speak Spanish fluently. 

I have completed three other novels that are now in edit, and have two more novels that are in various stages of completion, will be finished in 2018 but will not be published until 2019.

I was targeted by the Russian government for arrest in retaliation for the arrest of a Russian spy in the US.

I was never a spy, but was a visible American involved in trade promotion. The Russian spy was released and I was left alone after that. I left Russia in 1998.

I moved to Canada after that and spent over fifteen years in Vancouver, BC. I lived in Ecuador, Costa Rica, and Mexico after leaving Canada.

I have traveled extensively around the world, largely with my son, and extensively in my home country of the US.

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